A Note From The Founder





photo credit: Jonathan Jackson WSDIA

Thank you for taking time to read this quick note. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you a little about myself and why I started Divine Practice. I was born into a textile family in Mexico. My grandfather owned a wool textile mill. My grandmother was a Designer and had her own Atelier and Dress shop in New York City before she was married and relocated to Mexico City. Pursuing a career in Design and living in NYC was a lucky outcome for me and I couldn't be happier as it's brought me here to you. After twenty years of enjoying yoga and meditation I began Divine Practice as the outcome of my strong desire to create sustainable home-studio items and share them with you. 

Please join me in supporting Mexican artisan yarn-spinners and weavers. I hope you will enjoy these home-studio essentials for many years to come.  With these materials and production methods we leave more for the future. 

There is a lot to continue to learn and we look forward to hearing your stories along our mutual best futures as we focus on improvement. 

Let's change the way we practice -