Why did we decide to use wool?

Lots of reasons but first because it's soft and next we found that the fiber didn't require much preparation like exposure to bleach before spinning and weaving which is common in other natural fibers like cotton. We are firm supporters of using materials that are processed as little as possible in order to save water, and reduce the use of chemical inputs into our environment. For these important reasons the wool fiber is a bit raw. It includes some natural burrs.  We have painstakingly taken out as many burrs as we could find by hand in NYC in a very zen practice we call sifting. 

Why is my mat or blanket piling or shedding?

It's natural and not harmful. The more you use the products the softer they will get. When you're on your mat kindly remember you are standing on sheep's hair that was spun into yarn. When the yarn starts to break down it will shed a little. If you think it's extreme don't hesitate and contact us at info@divinepractice.com. We've washed our mats and blankets many times in testing and you will also find a fair amount of fiber in your lint catcher. This is normal and doesn't effect the long-term life of your item. 

which brings us to share some washing direction. . . 


How do I clean the Wool Products?

Washing is easy. Both our lofty wool mat and the soft spun wool blanket can be washed in a home washing machine. Of course washing by hand is fine, too. 

We recommend using mild detergent, and setting the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Air dry. Do not dry clean.

Can I take my products outside?

Yes! Wool is great in either cold or warm climates. Wool has many natural properties that make it ideal for practicing yoga on. 

How do I take out a burr if I find one? 

We've extracted thousands at this point and we use tweezers and gently rock the burr back and forth while pulling it gently out. It sticks to the fiber pretty strongly and may pull some fiber with it. We tuck the longer fibers that remain in the item back into its place and dispose of any fibers that adhere to the stubborn burr. 

Will my blanket stain? 

Like all natural textiles these items will stain with exposure to any of the normal things that are known to stain shirts and pants and other clothing and home textiles. Treat them as you would any other wool textile with a stain. We use a little handbook called Field Guide to Stains by Virginia Freedman and Nancy Armstrong in our home. Those two have saved more textiles from mishaps in our home than we can recall. We don't wish to tell you how to practice but if you practice with wine, it's a good idea to keep the wine away from your textiles. 


How well does a wool mat function for a yoga practice?

If we stepped back in time some generations we would see that many yogis initially used wool mats in their practice. Wool rugs and mats have a long and rich history all over the world for faith and spiritual practice. We love it, and we hope you do too. The Lofty Wool mat is not your grippy vinyl/pvc mat. It doesn't hold you up. Instead you should arrive to the mat with intention. But guess what? We humbly feel that this is how yoga was intended to be practiced because it creates a connecting loop from our thoughts to our bodies to the earth. 

Hasta Bandha, anyone. . . 

Are these items good in heated yoga practices?

No, we wouldn't recommend it. For several reasons, but the first one is that it would make the studio smell like wet sheep.  Unless you really love the smell of wet sheep in which case you should totally do it. Again, our goal is to create beautiful items for home studio use.

Is there a top and bottom side of Mat?

Yes and no, it really doesn't matter but we have made it easy for you to tell. Our Divine Practice tag is fixed top side up. 

Can I use the blanket for something other than yoga?

Yes, please. It's soft wool and it has no chemicals or dyes in it. Use it to cuddle on the couch, warm under it next to a camp fire on a chilly evening, or take it to sit on at a picnic. 

Any other question please don't hesitate to email us at info@divinepractice.com and we will be happy to help.

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

We hope that you’ll fall in love with our products and that it will help improve your practice and build your home studio. As artisanal products each one is unique so please expect variance between mat's and blankets. For the mat, it may take you time to appreciate its magic. and how it will develop your grip. Un roll your rug and practice on it- feel free to use the blanket as a prop or in Savasana. We will not take any items that have been through the washing and drying cycle unless you have a valid claim. Remember that Washing is easy, just place them in the machine with some gentle detergent and just make sure to air dry them! If after two weeks you don't love the product then please email us at creativedirector@guild-irl.co and we'll share details on where to ship it back to us- as a new, small business we ask that you pay for the return shipping costs. 

Domestic Shipping

We are a small company and at this point we can not afford to cover the cost of shipping. You will have the option of choosing your ship method.

International Shipping

We believe we can change the way we practice around the world! But unfortunately at this time, we are not optimized for expensive global distribution (we're working on it!). There is a $5 handling fee with each order, and you'll be responsible for the full shipping charges calculated at checkout for any destination outside the US.


Wholesale Partners, Affiliates & Collaborations.

We are building a community of like-minded partners. Please email creativedirector@guild-irl.co for more information and we'll get back to you. We look forward to meeting you!



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