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Divine Practice

Palo Santo Trio by Bio Alchemy Olfactive

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We love the use of Palo Santo during our practice but we love even more that we know where this Palo Santo is coming from. Bio Alchemy and their sourcing partners prioritize sustainability, harvesting only naturally fallen trees.

Botanical:    Bursera graveolens

Harvest:      Sustainably wild harvested
Plant part:   Wood
Source:       Piura, Peru

Focused, empowered, cleansed

Palo Santo, or “holy wood,” is a naturally aromatic wood redolent of crisp sweet pine, soft caramel, and citrus. Bursera graveolens is a non-endangered species in the Burseraceae family, a close relative of frankincense, that is found growing in the region spanning from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to Peru.

Use of Palo Santo as a ceremonial incense predates the Inkan empire. Local communities use it today as firewood and for its aromatic smoke that repels insects. Its combustible bouquet is rich, woody, and warm, embodying the strength and enchantment of the forest where it grows in abundance. 

Bio Alchemy Olfactive works closely with a small community based in the Tropical dry Forest of the Northern Peruvian Highlands, where aromatic trees sweeten the air of the entire forest during the dry season. Our partners prioritize sustainability, harvesting only naturally fallen trees. Each day men from the community survey the 5,000-acre Palo Santo forest for fallen trees, transporting harvestable wood down the steep slopes with the help of donkeys. Our exclusive Peruvian Palo Santo wands are highly aromatic and hand selected for their beautiful variations in color. Each piece is carefully hand carved to order by the women of the community in Piura.*

Instructions for Use:
Enkindle one end of the wood to catch flame. After a few seconds extinguish flame and diffuse smoke as desired. Alternatively, ignite a piece of charcoal and rest one end of the wood atop it for a prolonged diffusion of smoke.

Bundle of three hand carved sticks measuring 7” L