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Bio Alchemy

Botanical Purification Spray for your wool rug, blanket and hands.

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We love the idea of partnering up with Bio Alchemy to bring you their Botanical Purification mist to use on your wool products. The less we launder the less we pollute the water.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of essential oils are well documented, with specific oils providing more direct means of disinfecting surfaces and skin. This bio solution is designed with our most current needs in consideration, a botanical mist that sanitizes while softening the skin and creating a beautiful olfactory experience.

Aromatic design
Clean and soft, warm herbaceous notes of sage leaf and camphor. Green notes and smooth wood undertones compliment incense of frankincense

Feel | viscosity | hue
Very soft | liquid | opal hue

Key botanicals
Wild Andean mint leaf, Sage, Frankincense, Sugarcane, Rosewater

Usage | Ritual

To disinfect, cleanse, and purify the skin, belongings and items in close contact. Mist onto hands, fabrics, and belongings as desired.

This fully functional sanitizing mist is made of pure, potent botanicals, expertly formulated for efficacy and a heightened olfactory experience. A solution of 77% organic sugarcane alcohol with wild harvested thyme from the French alps, a specific chemotype that we have chosen for its most effective antiviral and immune-stimulant properties. Supported by antibacterial niaouli and bergamot, purifying sage leaf and wild frankincense to center and ease the mind. Organic handpicked Turkish roses and aloe vera soothe and protect the skin when applied topically.